🏃‍♂️Prompt Runs

The table on this page lets you view and adjust the work you've done with our Prompt Workshop or API. Additionally, you can run evaluations directly from this page.


  • All Runs in One Place: View everything in a simple table and manage them directly.

  • Edit and Re-run Prompts: Change your prompts as needed and see what new responses you get.

  • Evaluate Responses Easily: Run evaluations on the responses you've generated to better understand them. Select

  • Bulk Manage Runs: Select multiple runs and manage them with just one click. Actions here include evaluating runs, adding/removing tags, and exporting runs.

Actions on the Prompt Runs table

  • Evaluate: Directly assess the responses using a range of evaluation options, which will be elaborated upon in the next section.

  • Edit: This will take you back to the Prompt Workshop, where you can change your prompts as needed and see what new responses you get.

  • Delete: Remove unnecessary prompts with ease. For efficiency, you can also delete prompts in bulk by utilizing the "Delete" option located in the top right corner. NOTE: This will also delete data of associated evaluations.

  • Export: Facilitate the organization and sharing of data by exporting all or selected prompts in a CSV file format. To do this, select run(s) using the associated checkbox on the left, and click on "Export Run(s)" at the top right corner of the page.

  • Details: Access a more detailed view of the selected prompt, which is particularly useful for prompts or results that contain a large number of tokens. To view details of a specific run, select the run using its associated checkbox on the left, click on the three blue dots on the right, and then select "Details." This will open up a tray on the right side of the page where you can view information specific to that run.

Viewing a Run

See Viewing the Run Result for an in-depth walkthrough of how to analyze your runs on the Prompt Runs page.

Initiating an Evaluation

See Initiating an Evaluation for an in-depth walkthrough of how to start an evaluation on the Prompt Runs page.

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