Our Features

Unified Testing Interface

Experiment with various prompts and test multiple models using a single UI. Check out the Prompt Workshop section to learn about how to run your first prompt!

Comprehensive Evaluation

Use the power of LLMs to evaluate responses from different models using various evaluation methods, or use static evaluation methods to compare against a ground truth. You can also create your own grading criteria to determine how responses are assessed. Head over to the Evaluation section to deep dive into the various scorers you can evaluate responses against.


The Run Analytics feature of our platform is designed to offer users detailed insights into their inference-related statistics, with a focus on flexibility, real-time data presentation, and ease of analysis through tagging.

Evaluation Analytics

The Evaluation Analysis page is a specialized component of our platform designed to provide users with insights into evaluation metrics.

RAG as a Service and RAG Evaluations

Coming Soon!

Tailor a popular pre-existing LLM or your own custom model to answer questions based on your knowledge base.

Dataset Development

Coming Soon!

Generate meaningful datasets to continuously refine and boost model performance.

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